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Character Design Project - Mirania by janus-006 Character Design Project - Mirania :iconjanus-006:janus-006 5 12 SPECIAL PERMISSION - Sophie by SlickPens by janus-006
Mature content
SPECIAL PERMISSION - Sophie by SlickPens :iconjanus-006:janus-006 9 4
OC Design - Olivia by janus-006 OC Design - Olivia :iconjanus-006:janus-006 6 25 Special Request - Hyper-pregnant Mori by janus-006
Mature content
Special Request - Hyper-pregnant Mori :iconjanus-006:janus-006 15 1
Lilac Featherwind Background
NAME: Lilac Featherwind
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5’8 (172 cm)
HAIR COLOUR: Dark purple, fading to a light purple as her hair hangs lower. Her hair is a bit longer than shoulder-length.
HOBBIES: Reading, yoga and flexibility classes, painting, singing, a bit of gardening
LIKES: Classical art, romance novels, quiet places in tune with nature
DISLIKES: Busy and crowded places, big cities, modern art
BACK-STORY: Lilac was born in a fairly typical elf village, deep within the northern forests of her homeland. Connection with humans was extremely rare, although not unheard of; like many elves, this had given her clan a tight-knit bond, but also potentially decreased their knowledge.
Her mother worked for the village lore-keeper, while her father was an expert gatherer. Lilac’s fascination with gardening developed at an early age; she possibly didn’t have a choice, given she was named after her mother’s favourite flower. Lilac’s father also helped; from
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 1 2
Top 10 Favourite Books
Hey, folks, janus-006 standing by with a new top 10 list for you all. For this one, I shall be moving away from the world of electronic entertainment, in order to focus on favourite books and series thereof - mostly series, I’ll admit. I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, and even now I like to have a good book in front of me if I’m not playing various video games. The titles I’ve picked up over the years are many and varied, to the point I couldn’t remember everything if I tried.
It’s worth noting that for this list, I have not included manga series; they’ll be grouped in with anime series for a later list, as I could easily fill this list with manga series. That said, I do have a couple of western comic series, but they are on the list because they’re actually quite important to me. Enough talk, let’s start the countdown.
One cannot deny Jeremy Clarkson i
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 0 0
Top 10 Favourite Villains
Hey, folks, janus-006 standing by with a top 10 list all set to rate those who hate. Yes, this one is a celebration of my top 10 favourite villains. A solid antagonist or enemy can really make a series, giving you someone to hate, love to hate or eventually come to like in a way. Without followers of evil, heroes would be out of a job, so the various villains of fiction deserve some acknowledgement even as they stand condemned for their heinous actions. As before, I’ve tried to keep it to one per series except under certain circumstances. Anyway, now we know where this will go, let’s kick off the list!
The central antagonist of the Queen’s Blade anime series, the Swamp Witch is a feared and powerful figure despite minimal appearances throughout the saga. The impact of her actions and orders are constantly felt, generally through the deeds of her key subordinates - the slime-based shapeshifter Melona, the fo
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 1 4
Top 10 Favourite Video Game Series Soundtracks
Hey, folks, janus-006 standing by with another top 10 list. This time around, it’s a magnificent musical treat for you - a selection of my favourite game series soundtracks. I think it’s essential for a video game to have a good soundtrack; you’ll be hearing plenty of tunes frequently, so it really helps to have music which is easy on the ears. It may or may not help if the music is catchy; it’s nice to have memorable music, but some do not consider it helpful if everything gets stuck in your head., Naturally, the soundtracks from a few of my favourite games will appear, but also some which didn’t make the list. Each series will be represented by a track I particularly like and the reasons why I like it, along with some other pieces I really recommend. I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do.
#10: DONKEY KONG - Frantic Factory
Great music was just one of the many strings to Rare’s bow during its
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Janus-006's Top 10 Favourite Video Games
Hey, folks. Janus-006 standing by with the third entry in my Top 10 series. I’ve covered some key aspects of the Pokemon games, though at the moment I will change my focus from them. I’ll return to those in a future top 10, but for now I’m expanding the net to cover video games in general. From a young age, I’ve been an avid gamer. My gaming career has been entirely Nintendo-focused, though, so this list may seem a bit limited to some observers. Regardless, I really hope you enjoy this little nostalgia trip as I count down my top 10 favourite games of all time. Where I can, I’ve limited it to one game per franchise, which explains some unusual choices.
A few of these games might not be the best, but they’re all close to my heart. As always, I encourage robust but polite debate.
Before we start, here’s an honourable mention that could well have made the list.
The first game I played. Shadows of
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 0 20
Janus-006's Top 10 Least Favourite Pokemon
Hiya folks, janus-006 standing by with the second of my Top 10 lists! This time it’s my least favourite Pokemon, and it was difficult. Mostly, I don’t really hate Pokemon per se; I’ll even admit some of the bad ones are good for a laugh in my eyes. That, or I just react with great indifference and forget about them - and believe me, there are many forgettable ones. In fact, I don’t even have honourable mentions, or dishonourable mentions as the case may be, simply because I cannot summon up the hate for many Pokemon. However, all the ones below are generally here for a good reason. And twice, I’ll admit I kind of cheated, but I don’t care, I needed a list. So here we go, a stroll through my Hall of Shame - my personal Top 10 Least Favourite Pokemon. Feel free to disagree, but do so politely, please.
Meditite is only on this list because I am spiteful, and still hold a grudge against it and its evolution fo
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Janus-006's Top 10 Favourite Pokemon
Hiya, folks, janus-006 standing by for the first of my planned Top 10 lists! I’m kicking it off with a subject close to my heart - Pokemon. I’ve been training across the generations, and have experienced a broad range of Pokemon across many adventures. It’s kind of hard to pick 10 Pokemon, so before we get into the list, here are some honourable mentions, in no particular order:
Weezing - A really solid Poison type with good versatility and a great ability.
Arcanine - High base stats, great moves and a really cool design.
Golem - A reliable physical force with great coverage, and a handy counter to Whitney’s Miltank.
Starmie - Extremely versatile and a very useful Pokemon. Holds a spot on my team.
Ferrothorn - Another team member, with amazing defences and interesting design.
Vikavolt - Fun to use, and it’s a nice nod to the Victory Viper. Hits like a truck, too.
Venusaur - My favourite starter in Red and Blue due to the broken cri
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 2 2
Nymixia by janus-006 Nymixia :iconjanus-006:janus-006 4 4
Mature content
FE Secret Santa - Someone Worth Living For :iconjanus-006:janus-006 1 0
Erza for DaVonteWagner by janus-006 Erza for DaVonteWagner :iconjanus-006:janus-006 5 19 Halloween Special - Nyx by janus-006 Halloween Special - Nyx :iconjanus-006:janus-006 21 38
Another Time - an Ode to Scarlet
In another time, in another place...
Would you still hold me in your arms?
Would you still wake me up each morning?
Would you fight alongside me and shield me from harm?
In another time, in another place,
We might stand against each other.
We might come to blows,
More fierce than any argument we could ever have now.
Only hate would show in our eyes,
As we took up arms on opposite sides.
Could we even wound each other?
Would my armour still shine brightly,
Or would the blood of one or both taint it?
If I died, would you have cried for me?
Would my eyes have remained dry,
Were I the survivor of our battle?
In another time, in another place,
Would we still come together?
Would we make promises, build dreams,
Then see it all torn apart?
Would I only shine briefly?
Would the glimmer of my armour fade?
Or would it be you who was lost,
Never becoming all you could be?
Would it be another who cut us apart?
Would your hand maybe give me peace?
Could I ever do the same if you needed me to?
In an
:iconjanus-006:janus-006 3 2


Adoptable - Rina - Auction - SOLD by A-E-L-Y-X
Mature content
Adoptable - Rina - Auction - SOLD :icona-e-l-y-x:A-E-L-Y-X 103 8
Adoptable - Sclera - Auction - SOLD by A-E-L-Y-X
Mature content
Adoptable - Sclera - Auction - SOLD :icona-e-l-y-x:A-E-L-Y-X 93 7
Saipu-Waifu Photo by bellydoom Saipu-Waifu Photo :iconbellydoom:bellydoom 195 15 Rose by OfaMightDivine Rose :iconofamightdivine:OfaMightDivine 388 23 ZERO - Drakengard 3 by Lolliedrop ZERO - Drakengard 3 :iconlolliedrop:Lolliedrop 623 74 Doodle requests by Marrazan
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Doodle requests :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 557 57
May In Wonderland by Kojiro-Brushard May In Wonderland :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 276 66 Celia Cumani Aintree by haganef
Mature content
Celia Cumani Aintree :iconhaganef:haganef 843 23
Titania by Oogies-wife67 Titania :iconoogies-wife67:Oogies-wife67 107 5 Tharja (Fire Emblem Awakening) by LindaRoze Tharja (Fire Emblem Awakening) :iconlindaroze:LindaRoze 720 111 Camilla x Lucina by SamuelCookDesign
Mature content
Camilla x Lucina :iconsamuelcookdesign:SamuelCookDesign 174 12
Business Attire 4 by SlickPens Business Attire 4 :iconslickpens:SlickPens 48 18 COMMISSION :  DAKIMAKURA - Kat Front Version by jadenkaiba COMMISSION : DAKIMAKURA - Kat Front Version :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 648 33 [Suggestion Box] T1 #06 by Marrazan
Mature content
[Suggestion Box] T1 #06 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 730 18
COMMISSION : Sabrina's Super Effective Pleasure by jadenkaiba
Mature content
COMMISSION : Sabrina's Super Effective Pleasure :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 197 19
Zelda Loves you by Dragonicxs Zelda Loves you :icondragonicxs:Dragonicxs 426 29
I don't think I can use status updates, so it's a little annoying to devote a journal just to this... but still.

After an up-and-down weekend, there's a lot of simple joy to be had in spending an evening chipping away at artwork while listening to some smooth Latin jazz by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

And, as a quick edit, April 16 is the birthday of one of my favourite comedians, Spike Milligan. The radio show he wrote and starred in, The Goon Show, is essentially an ancestor to Monty Python and countless other British comedies. If you're fond of bizarre yet witty and sometimes satirical humour, it's well worth a listen.
  • Listening to: Various music
  • Reading: Pretty much anything
  • Watching: The Runaway Guys
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Fates
  • Eating: Not much
  • Drinking: Water


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Well, what's there to say? I suppose I should be upfront: I'm a bit socially awkward (well, a lot) and can hit a few dark moods. Long story, bit of damage in my past. But if you persist with me, let me know if I'm doing the wrong thing and give it a bit of time, you'll get quite a lot out of it. I'm willing to share my wealth of knowledge and I'm equally willing to learn. I've always got something nice to say about people's artwork - I know how much is poured into it, from the simple line drawings to artistic masterpieces.



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